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Exciting News: ASARC Placing Cards Are Here!

We are thrilled to announce a special addition to this year's Australian Smooth & Rhythm Classic (ASARC) – our ASARC Placing Cards!

Introducing ASARC Placing Cards

These unique placing cards are the ultimate companion for remembering just how much butt you kicked on the dance floor. Whether you're a competitor or a dance enthusiast, these cards offer a fun and engaging way to enhance your ASARC experience.

Why You’ll Love ASARC Placing Cards

  • Track Your Wins with Coins: Each card is designed to attach your winning coins to. As you earn victories throughout the competition, you can proudly display your achievements on your placing cards.

  • Two Exclusive Versions: ASARC Collector Cards come in two exclusive versions, each featuring stunning designs that capture the essence of ballroom dancing. Collect both versions to complete your set!

  • Inspired by Our Friends at QUASARFEST: We were inspired by our friends over at QUASARFEST to introduce these innovative collector cards. It's not every day you see such a brilliant idea, and we couldn't resist putting our own spin on it!

  • Affordable and Fun: Priced at just 50 cents per card or 5 cards for $2, these collector cards are an affordable way to add excitement to your ASARC experience.

Where to Get Your ASARC Placing Cards

You can purchase these must-have placing cards at the ASARC merchandise booth. Be sure to get them early, as they're expected to be a popular item among attendees.

Why You Shouldn't Miss Out

These placing cards are not just souvenirs – they are a fun way to engage with the event and celebrate your passion for dance. Imagine looking back at your collection in the future and reminiscing about the incredible performances and unforgettable moments of ASARC 2024.

Get Ready to Collect and Celebrate!

Join us at the Australian Smooth & Rhythm Classic on August 17th-18th, 2024, and make sure to grab your ASARC Placing Cards. Tthese cards are a perfect way to capture the spirit and excitement of the competition. See you at ASARC 2024!

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