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Team Up for the Triple Dance Medley

ASARC is proud to annouce our newest competitive heat for 2023: The Triple Dance Medley. This FREE event aim to promote healthy competition within the Smooth & Rhythm community while promoting communication and friendship amongst studios.

What is a Triple Dance Medley?

The triple dance medley is a competitive event that sees a team of dancers perform all three core dances in a single round, with the best aggregate score winning. Think of it like a swimming medley but for Ballroom dancers.

What dances can we dance as part of a Triple Dance Medley?

Teams can dance both Smooth & Rhythm Triple Dances. These are:

Smooth - Waltz, Tango & Foxtrot

Rhythm - Cha Cha, Rumba & East Coast Swing

Who is allowed to dance in the Triple Dance Medley?

Professionals, Amateurs and Non Competitors are all permissable to dance in the Triple Dance Medley. Only Amateur & Non-Competitive dancers will be judged. There are a few rules we've put in place to make the competition fair:

  • only ONE Professional per team, with the Pro being able to dance multiple times,

  • each team must contain a dancer that have base level acumen of Bronze or Silver,

  • teams can consist of dancers from across multiple studios,

  • Amateurs/Non Competitive dancers can only dance in one dance, with the exception to this rule being if they switch roles (a dancer can be a Lead in one dance, then a Follow in the next),

  • Amateur dancers will be received more favourably.

What levels are we allowed to dance?

In order to keep this event competitive yet accesible to all dancers, our inaugural triple dance medley with be danced at a Bronze/Silver level. Please consult the NDCA Rules & Restrictions related to Silver level Smooth dances to find out more.

Ultimately, we would love to see people from all over our wonderful dance community forming teams for this event. How awesome would it be if a team of people from QLD, ACT, SA pitted themselves against NSW & NZ? Or what if there were an entire team of traditio Follows up against a team of traditionally Leads? Or even a team that was created the night before while enjoying the Gala Ball?!

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